What we do What we do


We complete a full review of your operating model. Aligned to your strategic goals and priorities, we recommend ways to turn pain points into compelling experiences.

We look through every lens

We solve problems with the latest strategic thinking, data analysis and human-centred design principles. Aligned to your business priorities, we remove pain points, elevate experiences and improve efficiencies.


The customer is at the core of who we are and everything we do. For every recommendation we make to improve customer experiences, we have the capability to take it to full completion.

We are diligent

We review all data point such as:

  • Customer feedback, mystery shop, NPS
  • Team member engagement surveys
  • Trading patterns
  • Cash / card usage
  • Rostering
  • Transaction data
  • Scan rates
  • Packing rates
  • Checkout throughput
  • Intervention analysis
  • Shrinkage
  • Safety

We give you answers

Our recommendations may include:

  • Bespoke checkout solutions
  • Store, checkout and service areas design and layout 
  • Self-sufficiency modelling
  • Benefits modelling
  • Operating model redesign
  • Process and standards
  • Systems and technology
  • People and capability 
  • Loss and shrinkage/loss protection solutions
  • Safety solutions
  • Change management

Our experience and expertise is in retail but our clients from other industries value our focus on strategy, delivery and customer service. These are as relevant and applicable in any industry as it is in retail.