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The global retail consultancy transforming the customer experience.

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A better, more efficient way to deliver best-in-class efficiencies and customer service.

CLX Professionals work with companies around the world to give them a standout advantage over the competition, and add value back to their bottom line by removing friction from the customer experience.

Efficient, Customer Focused Experiences.

At CLX, we design end to end customer journey solutions – removing the pain points / friction from the customers shopping journey. 

With over 30 years of retail experience, we have unlocked millions in efficiencies throughout the end to end store retail process.

Bespoke solutions.

From low service, to high service – each customer profile is different. The thing all retail experiences have in common these days, is that they need to be flexible enough to change with the times and the ever evolving customer demands. CLX Professionals work with clients to design bespoke service transformations that are tailored, and balanced in their consideration of efficiency and customer service.

Global Insights.

CLX Professionals have teams across the world, with offices in Australia, the United Kingdom and in Asia.

Bringing the best in global trends, customer insights and operational best practices, CLX Professionals are the perfect strategic partner for any retailer looking to invest in the customer experience.