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Change Management

We develop strategies from the human perspective, aimed to inspire, build knowledge and skills.

Why change management?

As part of any project which changes the way people think, feel or do, we develop and deliver human-centred change management programs to ensure customers and teams are ready for change.


Supporting customers and team is considered from the onset and by every CLX team member throughout. This leads to faster adoption, enabling businesses to reach and sustain their benefits as quickly as possible.

How we can help

Our change experts have extensive experience in designing and delivering change programs to support customer transformation. We know how to motivate and upskill a retail workforce because we have done it many times before.

We can do

  • Change strategy and planning
  • Change impact assessment
  • Stakeholder management
  • Communications/sponsorship plans
  • Training and coaching plans
  • Business readiness
  • Business-as-usual (BAU) transition plan

We enable and inspire teams to deliver outstanding customer service. This can propel businesses forward, allowing them to move at scale and trial other new and innovative solutions with minimised risk.