Case Study: Service Transformation


  • Identifying pain points for customers, team members and business
  • Developing a new service proposition
  • Introduction of a tailored Service Transformation Program

In 2020, CLX undertook a strategic review of the front end of Coles, our long-standing partner. Through this we identified ways in which we could unlock efficiencies that would be of commercial benefit to Coles and improve the customer’s experience. We proposed a Service Transformation Program that would drive these new efficiencies and changes over a five-year period.

With 20 million customers a week, CLX was able to identify the main drivers of business, consumer shopping habits and real cost pressures. Our motivation was to ensure a transformation of Coles’ front-end by delivering choice to customers through all new ways of checking out. Major changes have involved layout, new hardware solutions with innovative design and a new service proposition, all seamlessly implemented through change management and training programs.

Key metrics

  • Calculating return on investment, designing and training surrounding initiatives that create a better customer experience that is simpler for team members to operate
  • Development of hybrid checkouts, a new self-scan layout that is simpler for customers and the integration of smaller kiosks into the front-end, getting customers out faster
  • Introduction of new packing benches to 500+ Coles stores nationwide, making it the only supermarket retailer in the world providing a solution for both customers and team members to pack
  • Rollout of the new Trolley Self Service checkouts in 100+ Coles stores
  • Developing customer behaviours to utilise these technologies alongside the COVID pandemic
  • Saving significant efficiencies to enable Coles to reinvest in other areas such as online and click and collect

The Service Transformation program is ongoing and has so far seen the development of all new front-end blueprints alongside the design and install of multiple new bespoke solutions specifically for Coles. Working with the worsening COVID pandemic, CLX was able to implement solutions that enhanced the customer experience alongside behavioural changes. We worked to ensure the shopping experience was both easier and safer for customers and team members.

Our specialist team designed and launched the packing bench encouraging and making it easy for customers to pack their own bags and keep everyone safe. With the increased uptake of self-service technologies CLX also designed a trolley self-service checkout which would not only make using these technologies easier but create a more spacious and enjoyable experience.

CLX is working within an evolving landscape and is constantly working to bring global best practice to Coles for future innovation programs. We are creating new solutions based in mobile, autonomous, frictionless, and contactless shopping. CLX are well positioned to deliver these initiatives thanks to our experience and partnerships.