Transitioning into the business world: Story of Josh Matavesi 

CLX is excited to welcome Josh Matavesi, a renowned rugby player, as the latest addition to the team. Josh joined last month as a Project Coordinator for the UK team at CLX. His transition from being a professional athlete to a project coordinator is both intriguing and inspirational.  

Seventeen years ago, Josh began his rugby journey with Camborne RFC, and after traveling the world to play rugby at the highest level, he has recently returned to the club.  

Josh embodies the club’s core values of community and teamwork. Tony Chapman, the CEO and Founder of CLX, who has also been associated with the club since the age of five, instills the same values when running this global company.  

“I felt nervous starting a career in an unfamiliar industry,” said Josh. However, he was inspired by the CLX vision, mission, and Tony’s dream of transforming customer experiences worldwide.  

Transitioning from sports to the business world can be challenging.  

CLX supports individuals from all backgrounds, including athletes, to join us. We seek out individuals with dedication, management skills, and a high-performance mentality. CLX values diversity of perspectives and experiences and believes it is the key to success.  

“I am now playing rugby, and when off the field, I’m working on different projects, doing research and data analysis,” said Josh.  

Josh also said, “I craved the camaraderie of working in a team,” and “At CLX, I have the opportunity to work with global teams.”  

At CLX, we are always open to engaging with the global community. We have offices and ongoing projects worldwide, including Australia, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Southeast Asia.  

We offer our clients services, such as consulting, shopfitting, building and construction, manufacturing, logistics, and training.  

If you are interested in any of these areas, contact us to learn more about our current job openings.  


An Nguyen, Global HR Manager, an@clxprofessionals.com