Why prototyping day is like Christmas for our strategy and design teams at CLX 

At CLX, we design and manufacture a range of bespoke checkout solutions for retailers around the world.  

We have compact units for a basket shop, bigger units for a trolley shop, checkouts with belts, checkouts without belts, checkouts with hand scanners, checkouts without hand scanners. We offer a combination of different options to suit customer needs and preferences, as well as the store layout and size.  

Once we have agreed with you on the right strategy for your balanced front end, and we have designed fit-for-purpose solution(s) for your store, we begin the prototyping process.  

This is when we create a sample of your solution(s) so you can see it and feel it, giving you confidence to move into production.  

Why is this important? 

During this stage, we check every element of the design from the dimensions, the ergonomics, the IT components, and the operation of every part so we understand how everything comes together. 

What comes before prototyping?  

Before prototyping, we transform the 3D visual renders into manufacturing drawings, taking into consideration all materials, surface finishes, manufacturing techniques and installation processes.  

What comes after prototyping?  

After prototyping, we capture all feedback and make any design tweaks. Once we are happy that it is also easy to install, we approve it for production.  

 We may be a bit zealous in comparing it to Christmas, but prototyping really is an exciting time for us and our clients. After weeks of hard work, we finally see the visual renders turn into real life solutions.  

CLX offers strategy, design, manufacturing, shopfitting, change management and training to customer facing businesses around the world. Our one-touch approach means we can operate fast as we turn the visual designs into manufacturing drawings and installation guidelines.  

Get in touch to find out how we can design and manufacture bespoke checkout solutions for your front end transformation.  


Sarah Campbell, Director, Strategy and Partnerships, Global – sarah@clxprofessionals.com