About CLX

We use a tried and tested methodology to create efficient, customer focused solutions for every business we work with. 


With rapid change affecting the way customers interact with brands, businesses need to optimise the experience at every touchpoint.


Different customers have different needs, meaning that each customer experience needs to be flexible and efficient while still maintaining the best customer service.


Technology and design can be the greatest drivers of efficiency, and with the introduction of mobility, artificial intelligence, analytics and new materials anything is possible.

Meet the team.

Tony Chapman

Tony is the Founder and Managing Director of CLX professionals, having started the business after working with retail giants such as Sainsbury’s, Coles and Travelex to transform front-end business operations into customer focused and highly optimised environments. Aligning emerging technology and best practice with unique retail environments, Tony leads CLX in building competitive differentiation, assessing and prioritising solutions based on ROI, and enabling organisations to deliver sustainable results quickly via accelerated roll out and tight benefits tracking.

Mark Packiyanathan

Mark has worked in large companies across the Financial Service and Retail sectors. Now, as Director of CLX Asia Pacific,  Mark works with clients globally to achieve the fundamental balance between customer service and efficiencies. Taking all the valuable experiences from GE Capital, ANZ Bank and Coles Supermarkets. Mark is a champion of future proof innovation solutions and robust process improvements to redirect energy towards a more customer focused strategy.

Nick Ridley

Nick has over 20 years’ experience working across the globe on transforming & developing retail spaces for customers, and joined CLX Professionals in 2021 to head up the UK. Having led large multi-disciplined teams through major transformations in public and privately operated retailers in the UK, Europe and Australia, Nick is considered an expert across strategic areas such as customer proposition, store format and customer experience. 

Chris Pokorny

Chris’s early career was spent in leadership roles across the Hospitality industry, bringing a passion for customer first strategies. Chris is now a seasoned Retail all-rounder across supermarkets and big box home improvement (Bunnings). He has worked in operations leadership roles in Australia and the UK, and overseeing Store Development across Australia and New Zealand. This varied background is more recently rounded out with a move into Digital e-commerce and Digital Innovation roles including online fulfillment and Mobile App development for retail and trade customers. Chris joins CLX as a director in 2021, bringing valuable multi-channel learnings to transform the customer experience.