New Front-end Solution unveiled at Coles Local Camberwell

Customer using the newly fitted self-service trolley checkouts at Coles Local Camberwell

On the 15th of September, the new format Coles Local Camberwell was unveiled, bringing with it a newly designed and more flexible front end for an enhanced customer experience. 

CLX Professionals is proud to have partnered with Coles on this project which has worked to increase operational efficiency and drive a better customer experience at Coles Local Camberwell.

Alongside Coles, the project was delivered over 16 weeks by Executive General Manager Karen Brickell and Service Transformation Specialist Zoe Fidge.

“At CLX we begin by taking a deep dive into the existing data, current operating principles and physical layout and hardware. We then identify the specific areas we can transform performance for the retailer and for customers,” Karen Brickell said. 

The Coles Local Camberwell store features an entirely new and contemporary self-service area which has contributed to an overnight improvement in efficiencies. This has made it simpler for the team to operate and directly correlated with a better customer experience.

“Throughout the design of the self-service area and main lanes our focus was to create a feeling of space in a more aesthetically pleasing environment,” said Karen Brickell. 

“This entirely new format might feel more spacious but actually exists on a smaller footprint than it did before.”

The second key initiative at the store was the installation of the new trolley self-service checkouts. These checkouts were designed by CLX Professionals in partnership with Coles and are already receiving acclaim across Australia.

In the media, they have been described by customers as ‘beautiful’ and are designed for those who engage in self-service but need more space. They work to ensure a more seamless experience as customers flow through the front end.

These checkouts provide customers with a belt for them to unload their shopping onto, a larger bench for them to arrange their shopping bags and a shelf to preserve fragile items while packing.

They have also been made higher, so customers don’t need to hunch over while packing, ensuring a more comfortable shopping experience. 

Coles Local Camberwell is providing customers more choice in checkouts while giving Coles the flexibility to manage them efficiently.  

Customer satisfaction is up, we are delivering significant efficiencies, the front end is operating off of a smaller footprint and it’s simpler for the team to operate.

For more information regarding this release and the work of CLX Professionals please contact:  

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