CLX introduces Graduate Program for Consulting’s Future Leaders

A group of graduates celebrate their achievement

This year CLX has introduced its own Graduate Program, an opportunity that offers a birds-eye view of the sector. The program runs for two years and gives one lucky graduate hands-on experience working within the world’s leading specialist retail consultancy.

The graduate program involves four rotations, with mentoring from field experts along the way. Graduates will have the opportunity to work across strategy, design innovation, implementation, training & development, giving them skills in consulting end-to-end.

Jazmin, one of our hardworking and bright young consultants, is currently undertaking her third year of studies. She believes that working at CLX is helping her to use her studies in real world scenarios.

“At work I’ve had the opportunity to participate in problem solving in relation to real world problems in the retail space. It’s allowed me to build further on my problem solving and solution ideation skills from my studies,” said Jazmin.

The program aims to kickstart the careers of individuals who are creative and passionate about consulting and retail. It will bring graduates studies to life and include them in a team that is striving to be at the cutting edge of everything that we do.

We are searching for highly motivated people who see the world a little differently and can bring the knowledge from their hard work studying out onto the field. CLX is committed to taking on one new graduate every year, part of a broader strategy to bring on future leaders and to incorporate new practice.

“A graduate program at CLX is an incredible experience for anyone passionate about problem solving, innovation and the future of retail. It’s an opportunity to push your boundaries and work with some of the leading professionals in the retail space,” said Jazmin.

If you are a recent graduate and are interested or know someone who might be, now or in the future, checkout our careers page or email us at info@clxprofessionals.com.