Tony Chapman

Tony Chapman

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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Tony founded CLX in 2017 with a vision to empower more businesses to embrace the pace of change by putting the customer at the core of every strategy and solution.

With over two decades of experience in reshaping businesses, Tony has led multimillion-dollar transformation projects in supermarkets, including Sainsbury’s (UK) and Coles (AU).

He oversees the company’s global operations and encourages diverse teams to create solutions integrating emerging technologies and best practices while maximising shareholder value.

Outside of work, Tony is passionate about sports, rugby and community. He brings his dedication, discipline, and high-performance mentality from the field to the business.

CLX currently sponsors different sporting clubs, at all levels around the world including clubs where Tony has played for in his formative years. He is passionate about giving back to communities that has given so much to him. Tony is also proud to mentor sporting professionals looking to move into the world of sports to business.