CLX takes home Coles Group’s Service Innovation of the Year Award

On Thursday, 25 August, CLX Professionals took home the esteemed Service Innovation Partner of the Year Award at the Coles Group’s 2022 Service Partner Awards.

CLX is a leading specialist international retail consultancy working with some of the biggest retailers across the world to deliver truly innovative end-to-end customer solutions and services.

“We could not be more thrilled to be the recipients of the 2022 Service Innovation Partner of the Year Award by Coles Group” said Chief Executive Officer, Tony Chapman.

Over the past three years and during the pandemic, CLX have supported Coles in creating numerous revolutionary and customer focused front-end solutions together.

These have worked to make it easier for customers, offering them more choice at the checkouts on their journeys out of the store.

As suggested by its name, the Customer Led Xperience, CLX boasts a program model that centres human centred change management plans within its operational core.

“We have helped to change the ways that stores are operated through a more efficient model, working always to ensure the customer experience is elevated and uncompromised,” said Tony.

At the Coles Burwood East store this was recently showcased with the unveiling of a completely new front-end, where a selection of different checkouts cater to diverse customer needs and wants.

At the awards, CLX was recognised for its work surrounding the design and production of new checkouts and produce scales and utilising new technologies such as artificial intelligence and analytics.   

“To be recognised for our work and achievements by Coles is very exciting for us, we are proud for our impact within the business and broader community,” said Tony.