Case Study: Global Project Coordination


  • Maximising operational efficiencies and customer experience
  • Utilising our experts across Asia, UK & Australia to deliver front-end transformation, fully remotely through various global lockdowns.
  • Developing new checkout designs for three flagship stores in Hong Kong for Dairy Farm, for Wellcome Fresh & Market Place.

Dairy Farm approach CLX in 2021 to help design all-new super-efficient service checkouts to fit a small footprint in 3 flagship stores in Hong Kong. During a period of major lockdowns in HK, UK and Australia, the project was run completely remotely.

CLX designed, manufactured & installed bespoke checkouts to Dairy Farm’s needs. Our extensive experience & global network allowed CLX to successfully project manage and deliver remotely, accommodating all refinements to the brief across three stores & two brands.

Key metrics

  • Sped up transaction times to process more customers, more quickly.
  • Evolved customer bag packing behaviours from colleague-led to customer-led packing.
  • Colleague-led ergonomics that reduced lifting & twisting to speed up scan times & reduce injury.

The project was ran by the CLX team in the United Kingdom and leveraged our experience across networks in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. The process was accelerated and tailored to align with the pre-existing footprints and timelines set out for the relaunch of the flagship stores.

The checkouts themselves were developed from the ground up and landed within 6 months of the original brief. The CLX Team was able to deliver efficiencies for both customers and team members of the flagship stores, streamlining tasks and reducing idle times. Operational and ergonomic efficiencies were achieved, alongside an improved customer experience.

The success of this project is attributable to CLX’s existing practice and advantage working across multiple markets globally. Not only can we provide greater efficiency and better outcomes throughout project delivery but we do so with a breadth of knowledge on industry practice derived from experience.