You can’t afford to ignore the way mobile checkout is revolutionising the in-store experience. With the impact of COVID-19 and changing customer behaviours, consumers are adopting new digital habits such as mobile POS faster than expected. The contactless shopping experience is thrilling consumers, empowering employees, and maximizing in-store conversions and customer loyalty. But, regardless of the obvious efficiencies and improved brand experience, mobility hasn’t yet been openly adopted by retailers into their strategy.

Here are five reasons why retailers should be adding Mobile POS to their in-store checkout options:

COVID19 has drastically altered consumer shopping behaviours

The global pandemic has led to a monumental shift in consumer shopping behaviour – get in and out of the store as quickly and safely as possible. This has accelerated the adoption of mobile POS, with consumers wanting more contactless and self-service shopping experiences which involve little to no physical human interaction. Social distancing has also demanded retailers to rethink traditional floor layouts, with long lines at the checkout now viewed as unsafe.

These behaviours are likely to stick around, becoming the new norm in the current and post-COVID world. Thanks to the pandemic, mobile checkout systems are becoming more of a must-have than a nice-to-have for retailers everywhere

Your staff are able to focus on what really matters – the customer

79% of consumers say the personal service and attention they receive from store employees is an important factor in determining where to shop and whether or not to purchase. The mobile checkout feature allows your employees to roam freely through your store, helping potential customers and enhancing customer loyalty. No longer are they wasting valuable time on tedious tasks such as scanning and bagging items.

This allows retailers to be more agile with their in-store presence, staffing levels and even cut operational costs related to staff. Shorter transaction times equal less staff stuck behind checkouts. Instead, they will be able to spend more one-on-one time with potential customers and improve satisfaction.

On the other hand, this also gives shoppers the option to avoid interacting with store employees. Even the most patient customers may find upselling or a multitude of questions annoying, awkward and exhausting.

The need for speed & convenience

Everybody hates waiting in line. Studies show that the average American shopper will abandon their purchase after 8 minutes of waiting in line, while British shoppers will wait only 6 minutes. How does your average and peak period transaction times compare?

With mobile checkout, customers spend less time standing in line. Faster transactions create a quick, convenient and seamless shopping experience. Removing the need for irritating checkout lines leads to an increase in sales and conversions, a more streamlined shopping experience and greater customer satisfaction. This is what turns your shoppers into loyal customers.

Loyalty is everything

Mobile self-checkout could be the hook that keeps your customers coming back for more. Features such as loyalty programs, product details, reviews and location-based offers add value for consumers while they’re shopping. 

Retailers can offer customers exclusive offers accessible only by smartphone users near a store or location to entice them to visit your store over a competitor. You can reward your most loyal customers based on their shopping behaviours captured by mobile checkout. The opportunities to add value and improve loyalty through mobile POS are endless.

Free up valuable retail space

Imagine being able to remove a large number of conventional cash registers and reclaiming that valuable front of store space! Less fixed POS terminals also mean less expensive equipment that requires maintenance.

Mobile POS gives your customers the positive experiences of a brick-and-mortar store while removing aspects that cause consumer friction. As consumers grow more familiar with mobile checkout, they will come to expect its conveniences and it will soon be the new norm. 

Take a look at how CLX has helped other retailers improve efficiencies, reduce transaction times and customer fiction with mobile point of sale systems. If you’re interested in mobile checkout as a complementary extension to your in-store checkout options, get in touch with us today to find out more.