CLX has partnered with a vast range of retail brands to ensure their customer experience is flexible and efficient, maintaining a competitive edge and satisfying various levels of service expectations.

Supermarket Retailer Service & Checkout Transformation

Facing accelerated change and disruption due to global factors, a Supermarket retailer in Australia required a major Service & Checkout transformation in order to deliver a more flexible customer experience. The way that people were shopping had changed rapidly, meaning that not only were pain points within the front-end experience costing the retailer money, but customers were now needing a greater focus on self-service in ways not previously seen in the Australian marketplace. 

Through an extensive review process, CLX identified $250m of operational efficiencies that could be realised over a 3 year period. CLX identified multiple opportunities to improve efficiencies and create a better, more seamless customer experience.

CLX worked with the retailer to design a completely innovative front end experience (including trolley self checkouts and other digital solutions). CLX designed the new checkouts inline with global standards, and adapted best practices to the Australian customer needs. 

In the coming months CLX will continue to roll out innovative service transformation solutions across the fleet of the retailer. To date CLX has managed to rollout new checkout solutions to close to 500 stores and will continue this rollout well into the next financial year.

Global Health Food Retail Chain Front End Transformation

CLX used industry expertise to design a flexible check out system with convertible main lanes which could be operated by either team members or customers in terms of self-checkout. This innovative design solution proposed a 36% labour saving which could then be reinvested back into the customer experience, with team members then being trained to upsell and provide a higher quality of customer service. 

Proposing a variety of efficient, mobile integrated checkout paths, CLX designed innovative ways that the retailer could save up to 51% on labour and experience a 12-18 month payback period for the investment.

Beauty Brand in-store POS Transformation

CLX partnered with an iconic global beauty brand to improve the front end experience for both customers and team members. 

After extensive auditing and data analysis of their Windsor House and IFC Mall store locations in Hong Kong, CLX identified opportunities to reduce the average transaction time by 50% by using a newly custom designed MPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) System.

Big Box Retailer Service Transformation

Facing an increasingly competitive market, CLX worked with a large Australian retailer to transform their service model. 

CLX identified the opportunity to transition 70% of the print and copy department to self-service. A redesigned layout and streamlined service procedure led to a reduction in REM spend by 25%. A new proposed layout would also increase efficiencies, with a potential 53% reduction in REM across the business. Furthermore, by implementing self-checkouts and mobile solutions, CLX was also able to propose a potential 40% reduction in REM and a 3% increase in sales.

Big Box Retailer Checkout Audit

After conducting an extensive audit of their retail footprint, CLX identified that a large Australian-based retailer was experiencing transaction times that were 4 minutes longer than the industry standard at peak times. Not only was this increasing the cost per team member, it was also creating a customer experience with multiple pain points and moments of friction. 

CLX identified that in their current operating model, each second at checkout was costing the business $1.091M with off-peak transactions taking just under 3 minutes, and peak transactions taking up to 9 minutes. Working with the retailer, CLX identified opportunities to reduce the peak checkout transaction time by 4 minutes, using a better layout, design system and operational process at the checkout.

Sporting Organisation Food & Beverage Service Transformation

CLX was engaged by a U.K sporting organisation to review the customer experience within their Food & Beverage Service and propose opportunities to increase efficiencies, improve sales and increase customer satisfaction. 

CLX identified that the average peak time for a transaction was 8 minutes, with multiple friction points at the checkout. There was a significant opportunity to dramatically increase revenue by 50%, through innovative design solutions and operational efficiencies that made it as easy as possible for spectators to order and receive their food and drinks. CLX proposed a self-funding model for the transformation, with sales-driven rostering that reduced labour costs by 50% and a CLX led team training & KPIs solution that would improve sales by at least 25%.

Hospitality Transformational Change Program

CLX has a long-standing relationship with one of the world’s largest coffee brands, operating in over 30 countries, successfully providing customer experience enhancing solutions across different formats and countries.

CLX also led a transformational change program in the UK, focused on improving cost efficiency of 20% to unlock growth with iconic service standards and a transformed customer journey. CLX appraised the customer journey against the in-market competition and identified a £186m opportunity for profitable sales growth. Identifying 7 different workstreams, multiple transformational initiatives were completed driving transactional growth and a 10% improvement in NPS